Estate Vineyard & Family Farm

Tyee Wine Cellars is located on the scenic Buchanan Family Century Farm founded over 120 years ago in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley near Corvallis.  Five family generations have revered the farm's open spaces, woodlands, wetlands and streams while growing crops in a sustainable manner.  Good wines remember the grapes of their origin.  We believe sharing Tyee Estate Wines with you is perhaps the most sublime expression of the land.

The Oldest Vines at Tyee Wine Cellars were planted in our Estate Vineyard in 1974, with subsequent plantings throughout the 1980s.  These vines, some Pinot Noir, Pinot gris, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer are Tyee's self-rooted Old Vines and make up more than half of our Estate Vineyard.

In 2000, we planted Dijon clone 115, Dijon clone 777, and Pommard Pinot Noir on phylloxera-resistant rootstock as well as Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.  These are Tyee's New Vines.

Tyee's Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, Merrilee Buchanan Benson, grew up at Tyee Wine Cellars on the Buchanan Family Century Farm and has worked closely with her family in the winery and vineyard her whole life, taking on increased responsibility as Tyee's winemaker starting with the lovely 2006 Vintage to coincide with Tyee's production of Estate wines made from grapes grown exclusively in the family vineyard right next to the winery.


Tyee's Estate Vineyard is Certified Salmon-Safe. 

In addition to following the Salmon-Safe Ecolabel standards for sustainable agriculture, we maintain a cover crop under our vines year-round to sequester carbon and prevent erosion.  We protect nearby creeks with native riparian buffers that enhance habitat for native fish, birds and wildlife.  We apply minimal amounts of organically acceptable spray to our grapes and use non-lethal scare tactics to discourage birds and wildlife from eating our grapes during harvest. 


Beaver Pond Loop Nature Trail

 Visitors to Tyee Wine Cellars are welcome to enjoy wine tasting, picnicking on our farm and vineyard in a variety of scenic locations or hikes along our Beaver Pond Loop Nature Trail. Open in the summer months, this 1 & 1/2 mile trail winds through native valley wetland/woodland habitat, hazelnut orchards and farmland.


Congratulations to David and Margy Buchanan of Buchanan Family Century Farm and Tyee Wine Cellars.

The Buchanans were honored with a Private Landowner Stewardship award for "their leadership as land stewards, conservationists, and sustainable agricultural producers in the Willamette Valley" by the Oregon Wildlife Society.


Wetland Conservation Easement

The Buchanan family at Tyee Wine Cellars has committed 246 acres of our family farm into a Wetland Reserve Program. This is a 30-year protective easement for wetland habitat in cooperation with the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service. Wetland habitat in the Willamette Valley is pretty rare, and we are trying to protect that rarity. Our farm, located at the confluence of Beaver and Muddy creeks contains natural woods and wetlands, and is less than two miles from Finley National Wildlife Refuge. It has always been a haven for native plants and wildlife.  Birdwatchers visiting Tyee's Beaver Pond Loop Trail have counted over 150 separate species of birds. Further protection of the farm's natural wetlands should only increase this biodiversity. Some of our cropland is too darn wet to successfully produce reliable crops.  We will continue to plant and grow wine grapes, hazelnuts and annual crops on the remaining higher parts of the farm.

Our commitment to wetland protection is an extension of prior generations of Buchanan efforts.  Our ancestors have protected century-old savannah oaks, most of the riparian woods around the creeks and several ash swales.

Our new plan; in cooperation with the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will be a combination of protective and restorative measures. We will convert fields of ryegrass seed into native wetland prairies. We will plug some of the drainage ditches to provide vernal pools and ponds that will hold water until June or July.  We will plant native trees and brush so that over three miles of protective streamside riparian vegetation will span between 60 and 400 feet to keep the streams cool and clean and provide habitat for fish, birds and wildlife.


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